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Dr. Tomoki Kase, is a curator in-chief department of geology National Science Museum, Tokyo, Japan. He is adjunct professor of the University of Tokyo specilizing submarine cave molluscs. In Panglao Project, he is concentrating to explore submarine caves and caverns. kase@kahaku.go.jp

Mr. Takuma Haga, is a student at the University of Tsukuba, specializing on bivalves phylogeny, specially in boring bivalves and sunken wood mollusc. In Panglao Project, he is tasked for collection and sorting of molluscs. vitrea@peach.ocn.ne.jp

Ms. Asako Hashimoto, is a Ph.D. candidate student specializing on the molecular phylogenetic analysis in bivalves at the University of Tokyo. In Panglao Project, she is tasked to sort heavy fraction of samples. asako@kahaku.go.jp

Mr. Shigemitsu Kinjo, is a dive master of Okinawa, Japan and specializes on cave diving for the collection of molluscs and other invertebrates. In Panglao Project, he is tasked to get invertebrate animals in marine caves and caverns.