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Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle is a publicly owned establishment of a scientific, cultural and professional character under the joint directorships of the french ministries of education, environment and research... More
ASEAN Regional Center for Biodiversity Conservation serves as the central focus for networking and institutional linkage among ASEAN member countries (AMC) & between ASEAN & European Union partner organizations... More
Total Philippines has put biodiversity in the depth of its policy of sustainable development. Thus in 1992, this commitment found expression in the creation of a corporated foundation. Today, the TotalFinElf Corporate... More

Ambassade de France
plays a decisive role in analysing the motives of the host country, in explaining positions and in making contacts; in the so called emerging countries (that is those in the process of overcoming underdevelopment) the relations have to be made to work: valorsing the political and the economic, modernising the cultural; in developing countries (which have not yet reached the level of the previous countries) cooperation continues to be vital... More

University of San Carlos is a Catholic Institution of learning that embodies the principles of academic discipline of San Carlos Borromeo & the missionary charism of the Society of the Divine Word. Its Biology Department is one of the oldest and largest Departments... More

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28.06.04 - Cozy Nook / Several species of mollusc settle and easily find a cozy nook in a specific part of a host especially in other invertebrates. We take for example that of a sea cucumber, Holothuria atra, wherein in its cavity these micromolluscs are usually long, and in its tentacles we can find Melanella sp.... Read More -Anders Warén, Switzerland-
27.06.04 - An Amazing Number / The astonishing diversity of this group is manifested by the ratio of 370 registered to date in this project to 622 species currently known to the whole Philippines. And the numbers may still be rising, just like the newest finding yesterday of 2 specimens belonging to the order Acochlidiacea...
Read More -Manuel Malaquias, U.K.-
11.06.04 - Cerithioidea / "No! it was mine! it was in my samples..hehehe", teasingly confirms Virginie as she refers to the gastropod speculated to be a new species. This mollusc (see pic) belongs to the Superfamily Cerithioidea and will also be joining the crab of Joelle in the Tshirt Design... Read More -Virginie Heros, Paris, France-
11.06.04 - Confirmed / The elbow crab mentioned by Joelle was really a new species (see pic). Swee Hee has confirmed that this crab is an elbow crab Parthenopidae and has placed it in the genus Pseudolambrus. This crab is rather odd and a typical of other members in the family... Read More - Tan Swee Hee, Singapore-
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